melanie lajeunesse

Digital Advertising

The average person spends more time online than with all other media combined (TV, newspapers, magazines, etc.) So it's only logical to advertise to people where they're spending most of their time.

There are so many advantages to digital marketing. First of all, digital advertising allows you to target the people who are most likely to purchase your goods or services. TV, print and outdoor ads are great for brands who have large audiences but for those with niche audiences, these forms of advertising can be a huge waste because they're seen by a large population who will never be interested in your product. Digital advertising allows you to get very specific with audience targeting meaning your dollars go further.

Digital Advertising changed the game for small businesses because no budget it too small. You can spend very little and still see results. It also allows you to be very flexible. Have $100 one month and $1000 the next, no problem. Just spend what you can.

The final big advantage of digital ads is that you can reach your customers in the moment they're making a decision. Traditional advertising relies on the person remembering your company when the time comes to make a purchase. Digital advertising lets you target people at the moment it matters; when their searching for it.

Digital advertising can be overwhelming, I have years of experience to help you set up successful campaigns.