melanie lajeunesse


Need a presentation for a client meeting or internal presentation but don't have the time to put it together? I can help. I've created presentations for everyone from national sporting organizations to non-profits and local companies. Contact me to see samples of what I can build for you.

Convincing people to believe in you or your product is not an easy feat, but a well-made presentation can make it much easier. Whether it's a sales meeting or an internal presentation, you must take your audience on a journey during your pitch and it's extremely helpful to have a visual aid that tells your story.

So what are the components of an effective presentation?


Visuals are important because they are processed by the brain much faster than text. It only takes about .25 seconds for the brain to process a symbol, while it takes about 6 seconds to read 20-25 words.


The best presentations tell a story. Facts and figures are important but they can only have so much impact. A well told story can draw the audience in and get them engaged. I can tell you the stats on world hunger or I can tell you the detailed story of one child who is suffering, which do you think will have the greater effect on you.

Inviting participation

The final key to a successful presentation is drawing the audience in by inviting them to participate. Asking the audience questions is a great way to keep them engaged.