melanie lajeunesse


Research can be time-consuming, but it's often an important part of building a marketing plan, understanding your clients or developing a new product. When you need to know something but don't want to spend the time searching for it, let me know and I'll do all the digging for you.

Case Studies:

Understanding Generations

A national organization was looking to improve the diversity of their members. They were interested in looking at two main areas gender and age. They needed to understand what defined each group, what mattered to millennials that didn't matter to Gen X? What did Boomers have in common that differentiated them from the Silent Generation? I put together a report that detailed each generation, how they related to their product and how they responded to marketing.

New Products

A client was looking to introduce a new product to the market. They needed a complete overview of what competition they would encounter in the space, what customer sentiments were to existing products and what the potential for growth was. The information I collected influenced the design of the product and resulted in successful launch.